Tip #1: How to clean your NES video games - remove permanent marker and clean the contacts on your vintage games


Format change - I will be writing mostly about picking and selling on eBay from now on!

Starting today, there will be a big change in the content of the MeanPC blog.  It will cease to be an electronic hobbyists blog, and will instead cover my new full time job - buying and selling.

Why?  I haven't had the time or inclination to write much about electronics in quite a while.  I'm sure at some point I will get back into it again, but for now it has slipped off of my radar a bit.

What will you be seeing now?  My full time occupation is buying things and selling them either online (mostly eBay), Facebook, Craigslist, or in my booth at the antique store.  I buy at yard sales, estate sales, auctions,  and Facebook.  I will probably start trying thrift stores at some point.

I will be covering: what I am buying, how much money I am making from specific products.  I will often cover a little history on some of the items if they are interesting.  I'll also make posts with tips about how to run an online business, or tips for picking items.  Basically whatever I feel like doing, you will see it here.

I've looked for a lot of the information I'm going to be covering, and it is pretty scarce.  You end up finding a lot of work from home, get rich quick garbage instead of real information.

Stay tuned, looking forward to posting again on a regular basis!


Laying down a cloud - my experiencing with vaping

I've been a smoker since I was 17 - I'm 40 now.  I've spent untold sums of money on my pack-a-day habit since then and done crazy damage to my lungs.  I've set a bad example for my children.  I've had to leave in the middle of watching a movie or otherwise spending time with my family to step outside for a smoke.  I watched my father die a painful death due to lung cancer.

Having said all that, I enjoy smoking.  I find it pleasurable to inhale and exhale the smoke, my body craves the nicotine.  I find it relaxing - I enjoy the way it tastes with a cup of coffee.  I love the very thing that is killing me.

I've tried gum, patches, lozenges, cheap e-cigs - all are unsatisfying.  I finally found something that is.  The vape pen.

With the vape pen, I get to inhale smoke, I feel the hit of the vapor against the back of my throat.  I enjoy the flavor of the vapor in my mouth.  I love to exhale and watch the big plumes of vapor.  Such a satisfying experience.  I can do it in the car, in the house, while I am working.

Some misconceptions I had prior to vaping:
1. I wanted a liquid that tasted like tobacco.  Wrong.   I prefer the fruit flavors - the tobacco flavors are not really that good.
2. Higher nicotine increases the pleasure of vaping.  Wrong again.  Higher nicotine levels in your juice mean you get to vape less before your body tells you that your nicotine level is too high.  Lower nicotine levels in your juice mean you can vape more.  I started with 18mg nicotine levels, but have backed down to 11mg and find it is a much better fit.  Your vaping style will dictate the best level for you.  Start at 11mg.

Let me make this real simple for you.  Buy the $40 starter set from Mountain Vapes.  It has everything you need to get started and costs less than 1 carton of cigarettes.  Buying your first vaporizer can be confusing, just click on this link and buy it and you are all set:
Mountain Vapes Twin Peaks Starter Set

It come with two vape pens, chargers,  a case, and a bottle of e-juice.  Everything you need to get started.


Eye-Fi Mobi Wireless SD card demo and review

I show how the Eye-Fi Mobi Wifi SD works and give my impressions after shooting three shoots using the card.