Silk browser scrolling problem on Google sites - Kindle Fire

Smooth as....? Not yet.
After initially thinking the only site I couldn't scroll on with the Kindle Fire was the Blogger dashboard, I have found several other sites.  The interesting thing is they are all Google sites.  I have not been able to scroll the page at all at Google Music and Gmail.  Sometimes I can scroll on the Google Plus page and the Blogger dashboard.  There seems to be a serious compatibility problem with Google products and the Silk browser.

The scrolling bug is especially troublesome since there are no Apps in the Amazon Market for these products.  I haven't seen the first Google app in the Amazon Market yet, including YouTube.  I'm assuming it's because Google doesn't want to be there, though it's hard to imagine Google not wanting to be on a device with this kind of market penetration.

I'm heavily vested in the Google ecosystem, so no Google apps and a browser that doesn't work with Google sites could possible make the Fire a no-go for me, unless I root the thing.  Didn't really want to go that route, so I will see what happens in the next few weeks.  Right now I'm questioning Amazon's wisdom of releasing an untested, brand spanking new browser in a product launch of this magnitude.