Macro photos of electronics

Felt like taking a few macro shots - I just like the way electronic components look, especially close-up.  I shot these with a Canon T3i on a Gorillapod, using a Canon 28-80mm zoom lens.  I also used a full set of Kenko extension tubes - 36mm,20mm and 12mm.   Most of the shots were taken at f/29, ISO 100, and 20 seconds exposure.  To minimize camera shake, I used the timer mode for the shutter.  Lighting was a simple desk lamp.

A 1/2 watt, 8 ohm speaker.  I pulled this from an old computer.

A Texas Insturments M430G2452, better known as n MSP-430G2452.  16 bit microcontroller from TI's value-line.

The LaunchPad graphic from the TI MSP-430 Launchpad development board.

A 555 timer.  The 555 timer was designed by Hans R. Camenzind in 1971,  and currently sells 1 billion chips per year.

This is an 7805 voltage regulator.  7-35 VDC in, 5 VDC out. 

The Klein Tools logo in the hub of my needlenose pliers.

The tip from a probe on  my cheap-o Innova 3320 multimeter.

The tip from my solder sucker bulb.

Oxidized tip from my Hakko 888 soldering station.

The only word spelled wrong on this board was right.

A 500 ohm trimpot.

A Texas Instruments M430G2553 microcontroller.  The MSP430G2553 is the same microcontroller that comes with the TI Launchpad MSP430 development board.