Lite Brite LED clock published in Make Magazine and a new writing gig with EmbeddedRelated.com

I'm on page 135 of this issue!
I'm published!

In August of last year, I was offered the opportunity to write an article for Make: Magazine regarding my Lite Brite LED clock.  I wrote and submitted the article and even got a nice check from O'Reilly publishing.  A couple of weeks ago, over a year later, I receive a mysterious manila envelope in the mail - my article was finally published!

I eagerly found my project in the table of contents, then flipped to pg. 135, expecting to see my Lite Brite LED clock in all it's glory.  I found a beautiful, full-color picture of someone else's Lite Brite LED clock.  Make actually built their own Lite Brite LED clock, presumably from my instructions.  It was strange looking at someone else's Lite Brite clock.  Until then, mine was the only one I had ever seen.  After I thought about it, I decided it was really cool that other clocks had been built from my idea.

Going to the article, there was just a quick intro to the project, then a link to the website for more info on building the project yourself.  I did get a nice bio in the bottom right.  All in all, it was a total win - I got a full page in the premier publication for the maker movement. 

It was also neat to see my name in the front of the magazine under 'Contributing Writers'.  My name was printed alongside the likes of Limor Fried, Massimo Banzi and Forrest Mims.  Just the Entrepreneur of the year for 2012, the founder of Arduino and the best selling electronics author of all-time.  Fun!

A few weeks ago I was also offered the opportunity to write for another electronics blog - EmbeddedRelated.com.  Interestingly, the current bloggers of EmbeddedRelated are all electrical or software engineers, with the majority of them having either a Masters of PhD in engineering.  Not really my peer group or intended audience, but I guess Stephane (founder of EmbeddedRelated) wanted to bring a little hobbiest flavor to the site.  You can see my EmbeddedRelated.com content here.

I am going to try blogging at EmbeddedRelated for awhile for a couple of reasons.  Writing for EmbeddedRelated will allow me to make a little extra money and reach a different and bigger audience.  I will still blog on MeanPC.com, but for the time being it will probably be more editorial writing than technical writing.